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Monday, September 17, 2012

The War is almost over .

Its only two more months to my final exam and I'm sitting here writing my blog . :D

To be honest I can feel the end coming near and I feel that life is getting better these days ..

thru bitter thru sweet obey things for sure God has been there by my side all this while and still sometimes I fail to realize .

ill update soon

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Honest Life

Its really tough .
Have you ever felt when no matter how much you try ro make things easier it never works ?

well I learned something really important . That

Never ask things to be easier ,
But always ask yourself to be better

-Life in form six Is such a bitch

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Long Term Or The Short Term

I guess the best feeling to express yourself is to Blog .
Even facebook can't help .

Yes , the as all we know Mike Zukerberg . Thank you so much . You have taken so much of my god forsaken time . Its crazy to think that a person can be on facebook for more than ten hours without even you realizing it ?
well it happens . I dont know about you but i get carried away. When the minute you realize it ,
you have just wasted 4 hours ? or so or even more on stalking , playing games , seeing pictures etc etc . where you find it is just not healthy for the soul and it is unproductive . I do not wanna end up like this .

Yeap all else is black when you're inclined with it . =( thats how sad .
The worst part is , Kids are doing this , What happened to the old barbie dolls , or toy soldiers that we all adore , the singing penguin , showering longer just to play with water , getting injured , falling in the drain (twice) (well that happened to me )
or even why can't it be as healthy as playing "catch you're it " outside . Whereas kids are constantly stuck onto the these rectangular screens .

I miss it .. really I miss the time where i ran around as a kid not knowing my worries , not knowing my sorrows . Why can't i have that live again ?

cause boonhoe , we all grow up someday and go our separate ways .


I never actually had a childhood girl "friend" to play with .
I mean come to think of it , you both play catching together , build sandcastles , been through everything together . Trough the thick and thin .
In my life i have never experienced having a sister by my side . (although in other ways people have gotten me on the hook ) and i totally regretted it . Guys out there , friend zones ( ill talk about it more in my next post )
But i mean what if ...
The girl that you grew up with over the ten years of your life has always liked you but both are too afraid to tell each other .
then one day she grows up and move's on with another guy and shifts to a new home .
By that time you have already missed your chance to tell her how you feel about her .
She would probably invite you to her home for a house warming .
And when you're at her wedding day , you would just sit there startled wondering and regretting the what if's and the if Only's.

what would my life be with her inside .

Till then .

Monday, September 19, 2011

Human Behaviour

Humans are such unique creations of God .

Sometimes a thought of "are we the only living creation who is surviving on this wretched planet earth , which will eventually end in the time to come . If forceful believes and life threatening decisions are forced to be made , whom are we to hold on too ? , are we following our trusted once ? or are the "trusted once" are really to be trusted ?
There are a 101 questions that are infallible to be ask. Nevertheless , do we live our life's by following our friends decisions or your own ?

An experiment has been made of human behavior .

LETS say MAN A is tested by being into a day out with friends . So while walking casually with them , A random stranger suddenly falls down and MAN A does't not bother due to pier pressure of his friends , He does not care about what happened .

The SAME MAN A is tested , this time he is all by himself . It is clearly seen that when another incident occur , similar with the first one happened , He quickly helped that person without hesitations.

SO think about it , is life all about your friends looking at you , Or decision's are to be made on how right you wanna live your life .


Well I have been listening to all kinds of music now a day's .
and I believe that , the music industry has changed . regardless of any genre's I find out that
bands who go mainstream always changes their style of music . Not all , but some for instance this band .

but I will always Support you guys no matter What.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A week Of Relieve

A Holiday at the beach sometimes, could be really breath taking ...


Just when I thought , the war was over , It has all just begun .
Just as I thought that ending the routines of the old, the sa
me faces you see everyday ,
The same jokes you make over and over, and the same scent as you walked in when you were once thirteen, after five years .

You began to realize that life isn't all about you anymore
and You began to also realize that every single soul you used to know , are completely strangers now .

The moment when you used to see them in school lining up in the assembly hall , to the moment you pass each other in the working world pretending nothing ever happened .

Each familiar places you pass by represents different nostalgic memories that no one seem to understand but only you .

You began to miss your teenage hood .


The experience of anticipation of a new place , has never failed to impress me with different feelings . Each and every camp I ever been has always gave me a certain smell or a feeling to remember .

But this , This place that we chose , to be honest it doesn't really look pleasant from the outside , but I tell you as soon as i reach there i could feel the presence of God just hovering over the place .

But as much as i could say , The Campus Action ministry committee has really done a great job planning this . Although there were a few hick ups , we had fun as much as anyone would ever have .

and Praise the Lord we got 1st place =) because of all our teamwork with The girls =) you know who you are ! =D
and we are really pleased to share with you this great prize of achievement we have achieve =D

nnnnnaaaaahhhhhhhh .

till then ..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well Guys i know It has been Long , but the wait is finally over !
yes, which means Mr Boon hoe here will be starting to blog again soon ,so stick around for more updates ! =D Cherio


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I know Im finally blogging about a different Country

Its really really dicipline there and how i see it is through their Culture
and one of them are the people there following the rules,regulations,signs,and etc etc ,..
there aint no people crossing the road when its green light and when its time to cross its all in order .. The cars actually stops right at the white line , there are no trash bins but there are no trash all over their MRT's and other places . Theyre not perfectly clean but you wont see much trash around even the trash bins are not overflowing unlike our trash bins .. XD

when I was there i really felt like It was a proper planned country that i was in , not to say that Malaysia is not a proper country but its more organized than here .
that my mind just opened up and felt that Our country is so Way behind them i started to realize that there were other people living around the world besides my own squared home and mother country . But then again I didn't feel a sense of belonging like Over here its where my life is i know so many people i feel like i was a nobody there but likewise getting to know them is another challenge but to me i felt that the people there in Singapore are more open unlike some of our Malaysians are pretty shy . =P

The buildings there are Really really tall reaching the skies .
The houses there are so westernized .Even goverment flats are nicer there .
Feels like mont kiara every where i Go .
and there's this place called Orchard Road ? its Like what my Brother says
pavilion X10 but again i realize that in every shop its like the same shops over and over again .
and people lining up for LV shops ? crazy .

I have to concur that The standard Of living there is way higher than Our's definately

I have walked around singapore and i just started to miss home i wonder what was my brother singing his soulful songs , my mom watching the TV and my dad sitting at night reading the papers .
I felt so far away from my friends and family .
Im scared as I move on with my life next time i wont be able to be comfortable with my new life in the end but I theres one thing that never change when i was in singapore which is GOD ...
i could feel his presence as i went to the youth church near pasir ris a friend OF my brother brought us to that church and it was exciting to see so many youths to just go all out to the alter just worshipping Him . sometimes i wonder why arent our youths back in our church be like that ? is it the culture ?
I dont know .

At the end Of the day the transaction from singapore to malaysia ..
every time i reach malaysia I saw the cracks on the tiles , guards falling a sleep ,rubbish every where plastic bag flying , and i say to my self " Yeap , Im Home "