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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A week Of Relieve

A Holiday at the beach sometimes, could be really breath taking ...


Just when I thought , the war was over , It has all just begun .
Just as I thought that ending the routines of the old, the sa
me faces you see everyday ,
The same jokes you make over and over, and the same scent as you walked in when you were once thirteen, after five years .

You began to realize that life isn't all about you anymore
and You began to also realize that every single soul you used to know , are completely strangers now .

The moment when you used to see them in school lining up in the assembly hall , to the moment you pass each other in the working world pretending nothing ever happened .

Each familiar places you pass by represents different nostalgic memories that no one seem to understand but only you .

You began to miss your teenage hood .


The experience of anticipation of a new place , has never failed to impress me with different feelings . Each and every camp I ever been has always gave me a certain smell or a feeling to remember .

But this , This place that we chose , to be honest it doesn't really look pleasant from the outside , but I tell you as soon as i reach there i could feel the presence of God just hovering over the place .

But as much as i could say , The Campus Action ministry committee has really done a great job planning this . Although there were a few hick ups , we had fun as much as anyone would ever have .

and Praise the Lord we got 1st place =) because of all our teamwork with The girls =) you know who you are ! =D
and we are really pleased to share with you this great prize of achievement we have achieve =D

nnnnnaaaaahhhhhhhh .

till then ..


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