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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I know Im finally blogging about a different Country

Its really really dicipline there and how i see it is through their Culture
and one of them are the people there following the rules,regulations,signs,and etc etc ,..
there aint no people crossing the road when its green light and when its time to cross its all in order .. The cars actually stops right at the white line , there are no trash bins but there are no trash all over their MRT's and other places . Theyre not perfectly clean but you wont see much trash around even the trash bins are not overflowing unlike our trash bins .. XD

when I was there i really felt like It was a proper planned country that i was in , not to say that Malaysia is not a proper country but its more organized than here .
that my mind just opened up and felt that Our country is so Way behind them i started to realize that there were other people living around the world besides my own squared home and mother country . But then again I didn't feel a sense of belonging like Over here its where my life is i know so many people i feel like i was a nobody there but likewise getting to know them is another challenge but to me i felt that the people there in Singapore are more open unlike some of our Malaysians are pretty shy . =P

The buildings there are Really really tall reaching the skies .
The houses there are so westernized .Even goverment flats are nicer there .
Feels like mont kiara every where i Go .
and there's this place called Orchard Road ? its Like what my Brother says
pavilion X10 but again i realize that in every shop its like the same shops over and over again .
and people lining up for LV shops ? crazy .

I have to concur that The standard Of living there is way higher than Our's definately

I have walked around singapore and i just started to miss home i wonder what was my brother singing his soulful songs , my mom watching the TV and my dad sitting at night reading the papers .
I felt so far away from my friends and family .
Im scared as I move on with my life next time i wont be able to be comfortable with my new life in the end but I theres one thing that never change when i was in singapore which is GOD ...
i could feel his presence as i went to the youth church near pasir ris a friend OF my brother brought us to that church and it was exciting to see so many youths to just go all out to the alter just worshipping Him . sometimes i wonder why arent our youths back in our church be like that ? is it the culture ?
I dont know .

At the end Of the day the transaction from singapore to malaysia ..
every time i reach malaysia I saw the cracks on the tiles , guards falling a sleep ,rubbish every where plastic bag flying , and i say to my self " Yeap , Im Home "

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