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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Long Term Or The Short Term

I guess the best feeling to express yourself is to Blog .
Even facebook can't help .

Yes , the as all we know Mike Zukerberg . Thank you so much . You have taken so much of my god forsaken time . Its crazy to think that a person can be on facebook for more than ten hours without even you realizing it ?
well it happens . I dont know about you but i get carried away. When the minute you realize it ,
you have just wasted 4 hours ? or so or even more on stalking , playing games , seeing pictures etc etc . where you find it is just not healthy for the soul and it is unproductive . I do not wanna end up like this .

Yeap all else is black when you're inclined with it . =( thats how sad .
The worst part is , Kids are doing this , What happened to the old barbie dolls , or toy soldiers that we all adore , the singing penguin , showering longer just to play with water , getting injured , falling in the drain (twice) (well that happened to me )
or even why can't it be as healthy as playing "catch you're it " outside . Whereas kids are constantly stuck onto the these rectangular screens .

I miss it .. really I miss the time where i ran around as a kid not knowing my worries , not knowing my sorrows . Why can't i have that live again ?

cause boonhoe , we all grow up someday and go our separate ways .


I never actually had a childhood girl "friend" to play with .
I mean come to think of it , you both play catching together , build sandcastles , been through everything together . Trough the thick and thin .
In my life i have never experienced having a sister by my side . (although in other ways people have gotten me on the hook ) and i totally regretted it . Guys out there , friend zones ( ill talk about it more in my next post )
But i mean what if ...
The girl that you grew up with over the ten years of your life has always liked you but both are too afraid to tell each other .
then one day she grows up and move's on with another guy and shifts to a new home .
By that time you have already missed your chance to tell her how you feel about her .
She would probably invite you to her home for a house warming .
And when you're at her wedding day , you would just sit there startled wondering and regretting the what if's and the if Only's.

what would my life be with her inside .

Till then .

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