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Monday, September 19, 2011

Human Behaviour

Humans are such unique creations of God .

Sometimes a thought of "are we the only living creation who is surviving on this wretched planet earth , which will eventually end in the time to come . If forceful believes and life threatening decisions are forced to be made , whom are we to hold on too ? , are we following our trusted once ? or are the "trusted once" are really to be trusted ?
There are a 101 questions that are infallible to be ask. Nevertheless , do we live our life's by following our friends decisions or your own ?

An experiment has been made of human behavior .

LETS say MAN A is tested by being into a day out with friends . So while walking casually with them , A random stranger suddenly falls down and MAN A does't not bother due to pier pressure of his friends , He does not care about what happened .

The SAME MAN A is tested , this time he is all by himself . It is clearly seen that when another incident occur , similar with the first one happened , He quickly helped that person without hesitations.

SO think about it , is life all about your friends looking at you , Or decision's are to be made on how right you wanna live your life .


Well I have been listening to all kinds of music now a day's .
and I believe that , the music industry has changed . regardless of any genre's I find out that
bands who go mainstream always changes their style of music . Not all , but some for instance this band .

but I will always Support you guys no matter What.

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