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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

unending words...

The time ?

Its always where were going or what were doing next ..
Live seems to be So fast moving such as we speak of it .
these past few days of staying at home just doing what i wanna do has made me
become aware of many things .
but i gotta tell you i had party like never before.
have you ever experienced Love and only love out of sacrifices im not speaking of BGR love but
the unconditional ones that our parents are at now. Its just something not told or needed to ask of someone but in the abundance of a heart or his or her willingness to give something or to show out of his own act ... such as Jesus dying on the cross for us . I believe that was true love ..
either than that some guy on the way to work so happens to pass by a beggar and just gives willingly ..
I was at Pavilion and this lady and a few friends buying some bread .
and they were about to pay and so happen i was right behind them and guess what they didnt had enough coins ..short of 20cents ? or something And so out of my own will i just took out all the coins i had and help them .. from that day onwards i felt good about giving .. i thought that giving was something great and I though if i did this for some stranger whom i do not know and im already feeling glad as ever what more If i were to help the lives of those who need help in their basic needs .
i shall find ways .... because i know That HE has put this compassion and Love in my Heart

I am in deed interested IN FOODEE

Not really food but food art ...i dont know art can be divided into so many categories such as , MUSIC ,DRAWING,FOOD ,ETC ETC
and i love each and every one of those classes of art
it impresses me on how much the artist has put his thoughts and feeling in to it ..
HECK even blogging could be an art thumblr much not to mention ..
but this particular art ..called " Music " impresses me the most on how skill full
People like
YES Joshua Bell an amazing violinist /composer/songwriter
WOW ....
mind blowing..
owh and not to mention

and many more I really admire them and they have such good ideas and passion for music ...

and food ? its magical ...
ill just let the pictures speak i shall say nothing

till then ..


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