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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Second and hours and so many days ...


Its been a journey of laughter , cry , experience , pain , sleepless nights, and More ..
and i never thought i could go through it for only when HE was with me i could go through this..
our last week together =)

Now .. its the part of what am i gonna do with the money ..
since work has started , I thought that everything in the world suddenly became possible .
of course not everything but the things that you ever wanted in your entire high school dreams
are actually possible to chase after .


These are the things that causes people to increase the wanting to loose their money .think about it , the sony erricson add you pass by everyday encourages you to get it , the Vans shop you pass everyday to work , the guitars on the shelfs tempting you and stuff like that .
Its how the media has controlled the world .. saying that whoever uses this or uses that Are cool and those who arent using it ARe so not cool .
companies like these are earning billions and they are constantly aiming on the young and vibrant teens of today . where also a simple credit card can cause a person to fall into debts .come to think of it , our world is full of temptations that we have to be aware of.....

the little blue bird
i do not think that twitter is such a waste of time .
cause its really fun to tell people what you are doing now .. and to express your feelings in
such instance ..


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