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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Walla .. =) as you all know im now working in chilis .
thank God for the opportunity to experience working life =) anyway ..
the first time i stepped in to chilis in KLCC..
my way of doing things has drastically change in the way that I learn things faster and
more effective..in a restaurant,theres no room for mistakes and slowing down where you are
about to serve customers who dine at our restaurant every 2 minutes .

I feel that a new experience and a new chapter of my life has begun =)
well not really but i believe God has put me through these things to bring me up so that
i can serve him well ..
sadly I wont be going to church tomorrow ;(
nevertheless i will try my best to put sundays as my off days..


AS all the seniors of my school experience this..
i have to say school was the hype of ones teenager =)
i mean put aside the part where waking up early everyday , wearing a uniform that no one likes ,and sitting for hours in the hall , and owh cutting your hair frequently . I say that the friends whom you mix with are really really really important . and Im starting to miss them :(
well live has to move on I remember the time where we didnt care what anybody would say about us playing water , getting all drenched for nothing , throwing newspapers into houses because no one would buy them . smacking a whole line of guys asses in the corridor , getting scolded by teachers XP (its fun) and im really sad all that have to end but AS the saying goes ..all good things come to an end well im really glad that happened in my life but i gotta move on =)


never thought this could happen so quickly .
wish I could turn back time .
regretted .
never thought you could move on so quickly .
I always thought that we were meant for each other .
never thought i could feel contagious when youre around .
wish i never had hurt you .
shes got a boyfriend now ..
(martin johnson )

i think i waited long enough
And im moving on .

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