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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Finishing line

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITs finally over I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR 5 YEARS the effort of all times has finally come to an end .

Another year has passed and past challenges and competitions have been done
and I can finally rest with guilt and Say "I think I did Okay" ...
I cant believe im saying that SPM is Officially over .....


Its been exactly 10 months of work labor and sweat beneath my face .
well that period is over for now ...
i am not going to look at further challenges of anything that has to do with
studying my arse off for a moment .
Imma take as much time to enjoy my freedom and not work on anything
Shall my every part and parcel pieces of my body be rested .
and I shall get up again when the time is up ..
till Then .. im not gonna blog about this year YET cause
for those going tomorrow . pack your bags and get ready for we are about to embark the most enjoyable time of our lives ..=)

Above all this i just wanna thank Jesus Christ for leading me through every part of this journey and I am truly thankful for his unending love and forgiveness for me .
and my family who has gave a full support all the ways i have been and my friends in school who stand by me every single moment of our school live will be cherished and loved in our hearts !
till then .... I shall Go ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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