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Sunday, November 21, 2010

frails of diversity ..

Yeap Its what we all have been waiting for ..

Live has been pretty much a straight road now ..
ive got nothing else to worry except for Spm .

I have Been thinking of what im gonna do when im done with this test .
and i dont think i have a choice ..

noticing my friends heading to collages next year only makes me feel (why cant i do what i wanna do ? )
but of course i did said that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and not what you wanna do .

But i came to think THAT to do what you love at the same time youre doing what youre suppose to .. Its gonna be Awesome ...

Anyway !

Chances , choices and mistakes

Life is all about choices ..chances that you miss and also mistakes ..
i learned that to make your self satisfied .
you gotta go againts your doubts .
that nor your gut feelings or your emotions can make you not do the things you wanna do ..
that only just your plain decisions shall determine one's action ..
We learn fRom everythinG ! XD

SO anyways ...see ya GTG peace out ~


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