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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Thankful Moment



Well i wish i could pause a moment to thank everybody ... i did but i dont think its enough .....

you people are the most ..... ( see i cant even describe it )
awesomeoutrageousbrilliantstupendousand OWH my BEAVER you guys are THE BEST
the people who are there for you when you need them .
for happy for who your are ...
and boy am i lucky to have you guys !
To all section 5 friends , metro Tab , Family members , facebook friends (which im not apart of now), bloggers , whoever you are if you have wished me you have my thanks ! =D
I just wanna thank all you GUYS! for all the wishes you made and everything you guys did
i truly thank you guys ! this years birthday will be A memory i will hold on for the rest of my life .

PaRt 1
where it all started .......

I was at home doing my normal routine ...
It was thursday night and I waited till 12.00am for the text messages to come in ..
It happened while i was playing COD 6 and was feeling contented with what i have at Home ..
Later did i know Jeremy and Steven came to my place I was kinda paranoid ...
Like cause know you guys including me does pranks on birthdays .
I went down stairs and was really careful and guess what i thought th
ey were neutral but
I totally saw the bottle down stairs And yea I got splashed by the 2 jokers
We caught up with john at The mamak and
we talked till 2.00am ?
we went home and I DROVE
well ya i lost my virginity for driving XD
we (steven and I ) took a long drive round and round i was thrilled to feel like youre totally in control
went home Got Hit by flour

PaRt 2

The next day we had school .
Till i was informed i had to bring pe clothes for so called football
That time onwards i felt somethings gonna happen for sure .
Time , 8.00 am i headed to school feeling owned .
The hyped was on when i walked out of the seminar hall and
right outside i was told that my parents were waiting
The feeling of curiosity kept me nuts It was driving me crazy .
Till i reached the playground i was ushered with jwalita ravin and suneeta .
I reached the playground and saw even more people .
I was touched by that moment
I was told to cut a piece wood representing a cake my my beloved brother LOL he was the master plan for all this for sure
I did the minute i cut, i could feel the Sprite and whatever they did falling on me and then i was wet and sticky
I was overwhelmed by the presence of so many people who actually turned up ..
NAMES : ravin ,savin michelle ,suneeta ,suganya,subashini,priya,Keeaun,Jwalita,wahyeelyn,sherlina,yvonne,(if i missed out any one pls remind me =D)
It was crazy i said if this is how you guys show your love to me then keep em coming
i cant never thank enough .... =D thanks guys

PaRt 3

was thankful cause john brought me around from guitar stores to bentley to menuetto music ..
and MAC D XD
was awesome and night was a sleepover at my friends house which he cooked The most delicious ever HOME COOKED FOOD that ANYONE could FREAKING EAT !!! okay im serious ! its The best ! =)
at night we the most crazy stuff that anyone could do ! XD crazy PLP But FUN! XD i never thought ! sssshhhh ...LOL

was dead tired by that time and till

ANd finally I got shot By a BB gun on sunday ! XD

it hurts like A *(^&%* LOL ya and finally had a decent dinner with my family at night ! XD
and so ya thats my birthday ! It was nuts !

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