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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Open your eyes like I Open mine ...

dear "you"
The closer I get to you ,the more hardworking ill be . "you" just wait and watch because my brain capacity is bigger than the questions youre gonna ask , my confidence will shine forth till the questions are afraid .But i know im not alone there is a God beside me reminding me the things i learn for the last few years of my life . The 'you" has stopped me from everything im doin now ..
Im so occupied with you . I will not be defeated by you . And when im done with you theres nothing thats gonna stop me from having all the fun in the world . and you will be forgotten and till my victorious feeling comes , ill realize that youre just another paper .
and well finally be free (well at least temporary)

your examiner
Boonhoe -

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