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Sunday, August 29, 2010



i kinda find it hard to just like at least sometimes just chillax at home and do my own thing
its like i hardly do devotion already ... =(

But I will Strife hard the end is almost near i could feel it .

I keep reminding my self that i wont Stop believing

ya know my heart is feeling whether I should go to NS or Not .

I know i dont have a choice but i can always say my leg is injured .

cause you know i really pray for me not to get NS because before this There was plenty of things that i wanna do ...LIKE for EXAMPLE ....

If I dont go NS

rockin with my band mates .
recording ,
getting a les paul ,
being cool ,
laze around,
travel ,
get closer to God ,
making money,
and more more more ...

If I go NS ...

Ill miss my family
ill miss everybody ,ill miss my dearly beloved guitar ,
and ill kinda waste time ??

Buuttt ....

Ill make new friends ?
it would be super fun (i heard)
gain awesome experience my both borthers didnt had ,
will be tough .
will learn how to use m16
be independant ?
and learn how to deal with basic combat skills .
WOOhhooww .... i dont know la ...
maybe Its Gods plan for me to Go ns ..
and ill be really thankfull . and who knows something good comes with it .

Well wow I had lived so long and guess what ?
i had never felt so good ever before ...
and life is so much better .... and you guys should totally try it ...
till then ....

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