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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IGnorance is YOur NEw BEst FRIEND ...

I dont know is it just me Or im feeling really emo these Few Days ...
Ive been feeling really bad .
and Im loosing my ground ..
and the feeling of no words to say get into my head .
I just dont know who to talk to anymore .
maybe im trying to hard ,
I just dont know myself anymore ....
Im coming back to you Lord ..I need you now theres no one else i could run too ...
sometimes i wonder why are we trying so hard to do our best . for our lives in earth is only
temporary . and someday we will have our last breathe on earth , who knows where were going next .

i wake up every morning ill stare at my hands for a moment . and say , im still alive . sometimes i cant even control my body till it hurts so much ..
the pressure is killing me ....the vast amount of information is killing me and practicing it hurts ,
we all try to put a mask on but I seem to realize theres no point hiding anymore . SIGH

boonhoe ~

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