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Friday, July 16, 2010

Which to bury us or the hatchet ?

well Im back From feeling crappy and regretful LIFE'S gotta move on ! ..
hahaha ! well

recently read this Book called the lovely bones . and
its really touching and the fact that One can't accept that life on earth is fragile ..
and I CRIED ! XD
so yea i hardly cry during novels like this .
So My life huh ?
Its been pretty interesting ..
and IVE GOT army training for three months ! next year ..
SO called (ARMY training ) = eat sleep have fun !
theres no reason for me not to go maybe a knee injury but Im still Goin looking forward to it !!
. At first im like aaww man tours , plans , and more pranks . But wait ive got 6months babeehh XD till form six starts ! so yea .... Im pretty stoked .OOOWW


Captain ball This sunday !!!! haha and its gonna be awesome So pls be there and let me and my age group to KICK your arse XD nah kidding i suck in captain ball ! ...
and nex gen needs to be more like us ya know fun and crazy but not for the wrong thing
but passionate For God so I make myself a promise to rise up .. a little too late right ??
so yea Its decipleship BRO ! ...
and Im getting my grip on guitar again .. feels Good to be back !

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