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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Post 3

You Go out In style

we dont need the headlines , we dont need the headlines ?? we just wantt !! ???
a little craze of Paramore gets me Going sometime ...LOL so yea
life life life ...hhhmm Holidays ?
well the holidays were say were kinda productive for me this year like seriously im not bragging
or what but its the most ive studied .... or at least finished a few chapters ! great progress Boonhoe ....(pets own head ) but still cant stop now gotta keep the fire burning babeh ...

But hey Surprises and Fun times never can ever ever get bored ! well wanna know why ? cause those two elements are hell yeah in my blood so sorry dad cant help it ^^
well Malas wanna type so check it out PEEPS !! =)

Swimming and working out really helped me alot in releasing tension of my studies and all ..
and also help me not to like worry to much about my bro cause i have been =( miss him like so much your jokes ,your laugh,your advices , your silliness , your epic facial expression that none other brother could do for me . and i know you will be back im just waiting .
^^see ya soon YOW ..
well movie was awesome and the company of all my friends were awesome . and was forced to sit in a couple seats thanks alot guys LOL but anyway had a great time =)
and it was a nut case day still remember once we got into the car we scream like asses ! haha Bunch of JOKES ! XD okies BACk to school till then More photos on FB ..

twitter coming soon in 2011


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