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Friday, February 12, 2010

Rising tied

WOW i felt like this year is just getting faster and faster ...
and every year is just a passing by .... how time flies ....

Life has been fair for now ...but waking up early for school Is just annoying ... saddening who in the world except us wake up 6.00am to go to school ??
its Sickkening ..... but for now its CHINESE NEW YEAR Babehh .. lol ..
its cool ya know visiting and getting angpaus and more food food food food food food ....
but this year for CNY im planning to cut down on soft drinks ( can of coke next to me now )
and eerrrmm lessen junkfood >?? cause ill be running for sports day ...
so gotta start building stamina and my speed ... i need my bro to help me too .
My new S.E i finally Changed already
Sorry Nokia it was nice having you as my Company and phone you were great and
user friendly to me but now i have found a new friend ..
i wanna say goodbye to ya ... weell for now i would like to introduce my new c510
the phone which gave me all i needed music ,photos,videos , i wouldnt want anymore
like having touch screens and all no offence to those who have touch screens but i like to have phones with music so i dont have to waste money on Mp3 ... so its like a new thing for my chinese new year ...

Bowling anyone ??

So we had a bet .. im sure like half of the moras students know ...
and suuneeta thinggy and vinoth...lol ..
dont wanna talk about it find it out for yourself ...
so on Wed we played bowling i pretty sucked and Ziam and gurmeet and yong was in my team and the other was savin ravin priyanka and sunneta was in the other team and the lost to us my 20 marks ??/ soo yea
im glad no one was angry and all but we had fun till i missed my yellow house meeting it was crrraazzzyy ....
anyway theres this girl i met her name is Michelle ...who just moved into our school like last month
and shes just what plp call weird but she Crazy ... man she want to have giraffes for her birthday and she means A real life one in her house .... and whenever we talk about money she will barch in and say owwhh to raise money for a giraffes ... hhhmm she runs like a duck .... across the street ,and after the merentas desa she sort of fell and after that she was Obssesed with animal animation plasterss ... and want us to be Amazed by it ..... and everyday she will come see us .... and making rap music with Sunneeta ... Just crazy bunch of plp
lol ....loves rock music .... just another crraazzyy person ive met ..XD glad to have them as my friends ....XD

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