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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boyslikegirls -

Oh did I tell you that i love surfing its like my dream to surf .. sigh one day some day , somehow .. based on what i heard that surfing cannot be describe by anyhow its just extraordinary once you get under the tunnel of the waves
its beautiful how it just curls up to your whole body why youre on the board
just enjoying the moment ...

interviewer : what will your last wave .. meaning your last ride be on a wave ??and where will it be ??

Try to soak up as much as i could on a wave like now a days people look at google earth to find the biggest wave well for me ill find the wave which have the longest ride of my life because i would like to endure every moment of it - Kelly Slater (pro surfer )

Its been a long time ... till now im gonna log again i think have been through
exams and all and ive got nothing to do now ....
and ive got lots of upcoming things to tell ....

anyway recently i have just attended tp boyslikegirls concert ... like a mini concert ,,,
although after a crazy day at singapore they finally decided to drop by Malaysia and i finally get to see them live .... and it was crazy .. here are the photos
its been an awesome experience when i was trying to look for pegs on the floor ...
but i couldn't find any my mind was like please show it to me XD ... But till i heard a shout from jeremy at the other side ..!! and he found bryan's peg which is his Idol Omgood he was out of his mind XD during the concert it was raining heavyly
and people were waiting outside and many of them mainly was to get the 66 bucks phone ...
i really kinda hate that concept cause that almost caused my life ....
i was like being pushed around along with my friends and pals and cause of all the body heat it was suppose to be cold but it was burning and all my paint was gone ... and then there was this girl standing right behind me ...
she was like fainting ... i brought my math book god knows why ... and she was like gasping for air ... and finally she was like gonna past out i took my book and quickly fanned her .. offered her some water ... and then we were all screaming (orang pengsan bukaklah pintu !! l) like trying to get in really badly ... after that the RELA plp was like taking her in .... not long after that the whole crowd was just pouring in ... why cause of the stupid phone ... but i cant blame nokia it was the people .. they couldnt control themselves ..... sigh ..but overall i really enjoyed BLG ..
local or taiwanist artist i kinda forgot but hes cool there we go BLG

my mates and ladies oh haha i grab this dudes hand awesome girl DJ respect the twins ... awesome dudes hand paintings to buy time while waiting for BLG Blg album cover XD love it


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