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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Day at A Time


Ill Say That MOrning IS the Best TIme for ME
Everytime I wake Up From My bed .. Can smell The toast From the kitchen ..
Looks To the mirror Facing another pimple =(
But I guess This is the type of teenage life i would never forget ...
For life of a teenage Come once only i remember when I use to be so young an naive in my ways...
kinda missed it though but life goes on =) ...
sometimes i feel that I wanna grow up faster and quickly get this process of studying over with
so that I could experience The life of working ...
but Advices from my family are enjoy your teenage ..... wherever you are just enjoy every bit of
the life that God has given us =)
owh yea where was I ... Yea waking Up around 9 a.m would be just nice for me ....
get the feeling of lazyness of showering in The morning ....
Anyways .... I should Start Studying now For The WAR has just begun for me .. where as Its Over For my brother Who has one more day =( hahaha I once told him you HAVE To Face All The Shit Before me and he says ... I get more experience Than you first and Youre always Down .. like one step lower than me ... and youre just jealous cause mines finishing and yours just started XP Then i was speechless ..... hes got the point anyway ... But Who cares i mean if your a student then study like a student

Its Like a Farmer Who Plants seeds for the summer
And Reaps It when it is ready at the right time when it

- Poay Ling (My Future Sis in LAW XD )

Weellll Its nearly Christmas .... Ill say but I really dont want the holidays to end so fast
Ive gotta start telling Santa what i want for Christmas XD . Also I cant wait for Chinese new year i know its far but I seriously wanna get the Final Riot DvD by Paramore !!!
Im so in Love with them right now ... they are just so awesome !!!
anyways ... looking forward to chat with anyone who reads this ...

till Then -

BoonHoe -

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