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Friday, November 27, 2009

Brother from another Mother

This Post Is A shout Out to my Friend Whom Ive known for
4 years =) and Although after all the Good times and bad times we have been together we will always be friends =)
remember What I thought you to be a man ?? and How to be the coolest guy on earth ?? hahah
well You can forget about it now cause you are already ... Im crapping anyway this post is right after his mini birthday party Which was Sweet and at the same time simple i shall say no more its twelve Am and its Your Birthday and that Person IS Gurmeet Singh haha just a supportive and awesome i friend i have there ... for me and ITS YOUR SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY DUDE !!! hahah were all growing up so fast ... Anyway all the best in everything you do... till then Good luck bro =)

Boonhoe..... XP

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