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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Presence Of The Father

I Just really wanna Thank God For Healing me of my leg !
For the Moment I thought My leg wasnt getting better by the day ... =( but till yesterday Was the day he touched Me I can really feel him And I believe He will always be there for me ... THANK YOu LORD !!!!!!
nevertheless .... I was suppose to Play futsal Today ... unfortunately My parents wants me to stay at home and Have a rest ...
Ill be completely heal by today I believe

Last Night At THE CONFERENCE ...
was a Blast man we were all Just crazy bunch of young people excited for God i just think its awesome !! ya know ... and Going to it was never gonna be regretted cause i think its really beneficial If You really pay attention on whats God trying to say to you its just Marvelous !!! AMEN !! anyway on the way back to fetch yi en home along with Jeremy,my bro and jessica Wong ...which was a crazy trip .. I was Laughing MY HEADS OFF man The whole day was fantastic hAHAHAHA !! .... I couldn't get any photos as usual I do not have a camera on my phone ... but As we came back A police Stopped us On the roadside near UK Perdana .. and I really thank God nothing happened ... which we did not do anything wrong so why should we feel guilty =.= It was because the Police man had nothing else better to do in the middle of the night and Was trying to bully out Jeremy In the car By trying to get a bribe for Doing nothing .... But thank God jeremy convinced him like So many times till they finally let us Go and WTH the police man was holding an MP5 man .... I feel so insecure man ... anyway we got home safely Thank God =) till then .......

Boonhoe -

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