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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Is The New Song We Sing

LatE Updates

Exams Are Finally Over for Me !!! and Its Awesome ......
But Guess what ... CanT relax to much Cause SPM is Just like Half the field of the football field
Im talking nonsense anyway ...
Christmas Is like Next month so there are gonna Be lots of practice
for choral speaking and the Band ..
and I Wont be going to APYAC Surprisingly huh ??
But Im Gonna Like Enjoy this Holidays !
Gonna Find Work Anybody Can Introduce any awesome place ??

Seriously wanna Get this phone Cause I just want Some music Going in My ears ...
and Like my mp3 player died on the day of The All American Rejects Concert I seriously Dont Know why ... The screen just doesn't Seem to show any apparel Data ..
So Im planning to get This awesome Phone the W350i Sony Ericsson Cost about say 300 bucks ..
so that's kinda of my Goal right now ... God willing ..

The Way lifestyle Change and People Changes ...

In School ..
I should Not say who's name or whoever ...
all I would Like to say is Your Choice Your Life I think Ive given up already ...
if you guys find It hard To Even talk to us ... like every time I Go there I can feel a certain barrier that is constantly blocking me away ... I just hope things will change next year and will be better .....

Ground Zero

Will soon Have an official Blog and Were trying to put together a new song ...this holidays
because there might not be anytime left based on examinations and Studies ...
i really hope we can hack This awesomely XD

Till Then Blog Updates Shall Be Updated # regularly from now On Since My
EXAMS are Over and Good Luck To All Svian SPM Students for next week will be Your week guys study Smart For now =) ALL THE BEST !!

-bOonHoe -

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