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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In The end ......

GooodBye Savian enterprise The next generation !!
For all the memories we have been through and past experience we shall never forget
and shall be kept in our memories XD

The Y.E

I would Like to thank You teacher and the school
for this awesome opportunity the whole journey was just fantastic
well one of the reasons are I guess experience ..
We've laugh ,cried ,argued,experience things where other people cant , begged people to buy our products , pist people off , loved and most importantly learn the basics of selling and marketing ... i believe that this Can help alot of our younger generations to be a good achiever in the future
and Finally good luck to all The new achievers In the future next year hold on tight its gonna be
a hell of a ride !!! XD

Well Its the end of the year already and we will be leaving next year .... i seriously cannot believe it time passes Fast for william shakespeare Life is like a candle One blown and its gone forever ....
its funny to think that Life is so fragile and fast ....

Im Starting to get addicted to their Music .... its just awesome !!
like Everytime I listen its reminds me of myself and how I think Its just beautiful
keeps me awake and energized like drugs ?? haha
anyway They are just awesome I just kinda started to get into them this year
its just plain beautiful music !! and Their concert Is coming next year i just cant wait for them !!
till then XD

Ill blog Even more after the exams !!!
alright thanks For reading !!
see ya all around BAby !!

boOnHOee -

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