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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Lost The Least

Hey Guys Its Me Again
Blogging Its Been a while since my exams and All that things happening


My brothers Graduation day ! =) and all the form 5 Just wanna wish you
All Seniors Congrats !! and You guys made school With more humor and laughter
you guys made the school as if it was the best place to be in =) Thank You And Good luck
For your SPM
I believe In you guys XD
so During the graduation day I woke up as in like 9.40 in the morning
weirdly as that time i was feeling really sick and like had A funny feeling in my stomach
As in like its not a stomach ache but like the feeling of throwing up and so i woke up i thinking i was okay i took a shower and God it was freezing my ass off ...
Till then i realize my temperature when i got to school was 39.6 Celsius I was like Gonna faint anytime ... but I did ended up in the clinic yea I was Sick this week ....



It was AWESOME !!!!! i went The LRT station At 1.30 pm straight to WAngsa Maju
Station till then stopped at masjed Jamek Headed to star and all the way to bukit jalil When i Reached there Was only one quarter of the crowd ! and Im like wow i reached there like 2.30 and the concert starts at so called 6.00 or 7.00 pm but it started at 8.00 can you believe that ??
And so the Band disagree came in it was not bad .... although I didnt know a song from them ...
then it came Pop Shuvit now that was a Blast OLD SKool Rocker super awesome man and marabahaya Damn Nice .. then One Buck short where I got a pick from the lead guitarist I know right so cool .....
and Then after an hour Of waiting The All American Rejects Started with Move along Was like so awesome My favorite song there were a few songs which i never heard off ... but i finished my energy during the pop shuvit and kinda waited too long and sort of lost energy for AAR ... but eventhough it was fantastic performance Nick Is Like Super cool with His Gibson flying V
was awesome !! Dirty little Secret was Beautiful but For me the AAR perform quite short
of a time it .... but it was a Wonderful experience to be IN !!! and I got One of the AARs guitar Pegs .. hahah i was kinda front but the pusing and all made me fall behind
=( i was dissapointed but all together was a hell of an atmosphere XD Im Glad I went !!!


As our soul leaves this home ground
as you go fourth to your dreams
memories and time
never be forgotten
I know that someday.....

you will be back

Our beloved brother John has left to aussy this morning
right after the concert I slept over at his house with my brothers and sisters
then some of us decided not to sleep like i did i thought i was a super hero
but this post is specially for him ...
as things can never change our laughter and joys it is just something that I can never forget for the rest of my life !!
till then Rock On brother and God Bless you For everything you do give
glory to GOd ALl the best as you study in your course XD bye !!!

till then See you guys for the next post ... feel free to leave a comment

boOon Hoe -

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