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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

THe open Door

LIfe on Earth ... its just momentary These past few weeks have been quite depressing and lonely have I or am i changing thats the question I should ask And what is changing me .. I need God ...Seriously .

First And Foremost I would Like say Im Really sorry to Dianne Priya whom Ive let down and Did not attend her birthday party i can say any excuses i want but its just feels Bad ...

Ive Got nothing to post much because nothing interesting happen in school , or home neither In church ... its like a routine and everyone is having their own life Work or study sometimes I feel that things In my life have to really slow down a little. This year its been Like what 10 months already and what have i achieve ?? I guess Ive just Gotta Hold On till next year !!
till then This will be my last post for this month ... exams are near Ive Gotta Study May God Help Me and till then ta ta !!

Till Then See ya =)


CALL OF DUTY 6 Mordern warfare 2 Its Awesome as EVer

FReaking awesome game Ive ever played For my entire childhood since the first one came out the just plain Call Of Duty ... The one Ive first played were so basic and now It has grown to a whole new different Lever Just Awesome !!! and the Killer Graphics are superb

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