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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paperbacks and Plastic HEarts

First and foremost I would Like to wish my dear Friend Whom Ive known
For 3 years its been a long time ever since . Its been so great knowing you and youre finally
turning sixteen years old , she has a very cheerful personality ( sometimes ) Funny I CAN SAY ,High at sometimes , very supporting friend indeed and that I would not want to elaborate such in a way that keeps your curiosity waiting i shall review Whom the person Is ... ................ AND ITS !!!! CHARLEEN !!! haha XD .. YEs its her and Shes Sixteen now ... how cool is that ??

and The up coming birthdays Are ??

DIANNE PRIYA and CJ they both share the same day but its one year difference XD .. haha ..

A DAy oUt As a Surprise

At Third October around 2.30 pm Our band Ground Zero , Jwalita , Suthasan , Gurmeet were the once performing and not to forget our local MJ DAVID ng !!!haha
so we were all ready and we practiced really hard .. just waiting for the moment to come till this day . Our hearts Started beating really fast , our palms were sweaty , it was stuffy and quietness was our company as Haziq picked up the phone and told that CHarleen Was Coming up ... and just as she came in , And took of her blind fold We gave a Shout loud SURPRISE !!!!! haha our first SOng was American Idiot and 21guns by Greenday ...and Yea it was awesome
( not to mention coming to an end I could feel my ear drums as if it were going to be muffled )
It was Seriously Loud i tell ya .... and For the fist time My screams actually worked and my diaphragm actually hurts ) I dont have any pictures ... but the whole Jamming thing was Freaking awesome man Videos and Pics with Gurmeet Im so gonna bugg him !

FUnny but Creepy ( sorry to all my Malay friends if you read this No Offensive remarks )

Another story By Roald Dahl ...
im Gonna cut it really short and easy to read alright ..

But this is My story XD

My parents came back from dinner

brought Home this roasted piglet so called delicacy I suppose

And the next day i ate it and It was Scrumptious As ever XD loved it

As I lay down there full and satisfied at the same time feeling guilty ...

at night I didnt want to sleep as early so i decided to open my book the Roald Dahl short stories

And It so Happened that The tittle that i was about to read was entitled PIG 'in Bold'

And Im Like woaahh .. this is So gonna be interesting ... so With such curiosity i Decided to read it
The story ( continue )

This story is about How a Boy whom was a vegetarian was making delicious Food only with vege .
With this His aunt who was taking care of him died at old age

Before that his aunt told him that Meat are Disgusting and it displeases Eaters

so She send Him a letter after she died telling him to go get a check where she left for him

which was a 125 thousand for The boy

since its been a long day traveling there the boy decides to go to a near by restaurant and get some food

and he was also inventing a cook book

the only thing on the menu left was Roast Pork and cabbage all his life he never knew what was roast pork

And So he ordered it and It came to him it was like ( what is this reddish substance of meat with such tenderness ) popping a chunk in his mouth

As he tasted it It to him it was tremendously outrageous

he wanted what the meat was called and he bribe both of the cook and the waiter to tell him where he got it from and some questions .... and funny the Cook said it is int Pork it was Human Meat and he said it both tasted the same ..


But the vegetarian said Im gonna find the factory or butcher for this and so he went ...

there he came to this huge shop ... as he was waiting in line he saw a couple of pigs getting carried

by some sort of machine hand and caught into the slaughter ... as he watched the pigs being slaughtered

He then felt His legs being pulled up onto the machine hand and was carried as he

Help ! help and nobody cared he was screaming his life and there carried

His body right into a hole of a wall where the man in rubber suits slit open his

Jugular vein and there came the blood coming down his throat he then saw

the pighs being carried into a hot boiling water whil
e seeing upside down

he began to faint and till his heart pumps the last blood and there came another

world that he LEFT

After Reading this i was like ... OWh GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if youre In love With pigs better think again .....

Roald Dahl

Crazy story izzint it ??


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