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Monday, September 28, 2009

Light Of Salvation

Breathing again Feels Good

I fasted Facebook for a Week Now its been a week so people has been wondering where
have I been ... so I just felt I have to do so ... i wanna fast for our new church building and the experience was just great , like everytime i Go facebook I feel like im tied down by some Chains and temptations really come so Yea praise the Lord he helped me Overcome, it feels awesome to know that life is not just all about Media and Music so yea

Sorry if im being self centered haha its Your choice im, just giving an Opinion XD ...

THe Point Where I started to feel Wasted

Heres something really ... i dont know how to say but just read its Really funny i think ??
anyway Last week before the holidays the hari Raya thing .... I was suppose to hand in the sejarah Folio and I did it but i did it all wrong so ... a friend Of mine whose name was jwalita helped me so much in picking out questions and stuff so she did and she typed it out and put into my thumb drive so thats what i did so first solution was to Go to ICT room and Teacher didnt really let because i only can use ICT room for ICT projects but he let it anyway cause its the first and last ... my hopes were so high that Unfortunately it couldnt open my USB .. and God knows why ,,,, im like crap so teacher said head to the library pusat excess so called XP .... thats what I did and thats the second solution running up and down ... as fast as i can during recess and The librarian teacher said the printer did not have any INK ... and i was like man .... so i pass by the SAL room and I saw Computer and a printer ... so I quickly barged myself in sweating like a pig and i asked what was needed and teacher said get papers for me and i was thinking anything Ill get it .. so thats what I did and i came up back and after a few minutes The comp just shut itself down and It could not revive back Im like for me its no hope so Ut was History class at that point so I raced back to class ... and I told teacher I cant pass up and I showed her the USB and she was humble as usual to say Just Give me the USB and Ill print And im like ............................................................................................ WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT ??
all OF my Hard Work and running up and Down was wasted ??


having open house it feels like Chinese new year but Its kinda like Malay new Year but who cares Free food and money thats what we all want isint it hahah ( so mean ) kidding its all about friendship and caring and remembering the ones who passed away and having apologies ... so I went to Haziqs house For RAYA so it was awesome For those who missed It Too bad XD

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