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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Place Without a Soul

A Place Without A Soul

And Though I walk Through the Valley oF the The shadow of Death
I shall Fear No evil For You are with me

your rod and your staff they comfort me

Psalms : 23 verse 4

As I walk With My brothers around 7.30 which ultimately feels Like it was
1.00am i stared at The Shop lots wondering where has everyone gone too ... i looked at my
the cold feeling starts to shiver within me as I walk pass the Lonellyness of a broken road ...
a road that leads to another with no turning backs ...
Its Been seriouslly quiet in My streets ... and like this izzint sri rampai ...
But thank God its Only For a week ...

JuyiS 17 Surprise Birthday Party

On Sunday Evening party was Held in a rukun Tetangga ...
It was A blast ... Those Who Missed It man you shouldnt have ....
cause It was Awesome >! !!! the Food was great , the company was awesome , the music Was blood pumping , The games were fun , and most importantly we had fun ... XD
was totally awesome ... how someone Did Michael jackson ... although many tries to imitate MJ , but I think This one was Awesome done by nicholas V . The party started at 7.00 pm in the evening and surprised the birthday girl With a Big Surprise !!!!
As the music starts We all Started dancing not exactly dancing but More Like clubing ... hahah
They did jaiho 3 times on That day ... It was awesome i can tell ...after that Stopped by NZ and had a drink .. and those " Cap some bong" thing thats What i call it its Not drugs but its like sucking some vapour with flavour and blowing it out like some chimmeny ... hahah how lame right ... Went home shower Slept And was damn tired felt like XXXX

alright at the end Of This post i Would Like to Say HappY Belated Birthday JUYI !!
Wishing you all the best in everything you Do .. !!!!



I saw this Tv Show On 8tv yesterday and guess what I found This intresting ... like
competitors have to play rock band which is Like a virtual Rock band ...haha ... its like music but not music .. these people They are Like Super Funny man like The way they go around playing a toy guitar but it was awesome ... like so cool ... this makes me feel like playing rock band again ... like awesome game better than guitar hero although guitar hero has many songs but rock band more realistic ,.... how awesome XD


Just wanna like get back to Life and just stop Facebook for a week ... and see what happens
so If I dont seem to reply it doesnt mean im ignoring you XD ..haha see yaall Next week

CHows ...


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