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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chemistry For The Broken

New POst ( Stop to think for a Moment )

During the week ......
monday ..
Didnt go to school tought i needed a break XD
so kinda lazy ...
tuesady Went to school ..... And tuition but
as I go troughout the week i used to think that repeating this is
sickening ... that like what a waste of time but as far as I go the More I learn ...
And its not only that Life has become so progressive since I was young till now
I wish that people will just someday just pause a little while and think
that life is not just about living it alone that we as christians should live for Christ !!
and to live not just how we want but how jesus wants us to Live ...

A.M.E.L.I.A Living To USA

On a Saturday Morning I woke up .. no no no actually my dad woke me up
at say around 8 .45 hahah and we were suppose to go Macdonalds At 9 . am so last minute ... anyway charles my cousin called and I said my dad was going to fetch ... so yea he fetched Thanks Dad cause oF me you were late fot your seminar =( thanks For your sacrifice ... and Lo and behold i saw my brothers note On my drawer and it says :

"Go later like 10 am >??? "
and im like haha 10 am its when It ends so i quickly shower and Went just as i was about to go there came charles With his mom What if I left and fetch him to his house ... and he left his house to my house that would be tragedy Man anyway fetched jiaying cause she knew the way hahah ... It was After the Zoo and God knows whether ive been to the melawati zoo ,.... I cant remember ... anyway reached there saw my pastor haha and a few people steffi was there Like So early but We all had a great time In mac Donalds Again And Its My first time eating breakfast in mac donalds .... haha not bad ... but Amelia Goodbye =( So Gonna miss you Hope to see you soon wish You all the Best in The United states In America and when You Do suceed Please do not Forget the Boy in Metro Whom you think has an innocent face Xp ...

alright till then come up with more i guess now Gotta Go
Call OF Duty 4 here I come !! XD
heres a photo Of SwitchFoot XD


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