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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Birth Of A Soul

HEY Guys !!!
i just Decided to have a Special posT today ...
And Like I have Alot to say ...
Since today Its My birthday . ...............

First ANd FormOst ....

I Just WannA SAy A ReallY biG thank You to those Who Wished Me
And If You dont Give Me anything its Okay Why Because Its whats From the heart not
and How things are given But Too all the people Who wished Me Thanks ALOT !!!

Heres what happened ....

I woke up early In the Morning .. and
went to school As usual and There It is The tall prefect standing AT the FronT Door there holding A green package
And He said happY birthday man and The dude Was ravin hahaha ...
then all of a suddent There came Junyan With A great handshake plus a HUg and Said happY bithday man....
Then During recess i was kinda lazy to get my ass to the cafeteria so what i did was I sit there at the badminton court .... and then ... savin said .. " boon hoe Look at your neck tie " And There cAme Juyi Holding a Burger With a candle On It and a loud greeting OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAME TO ME .... !!!
And Till Then" no WOrds Could explain how Happy I was ... Really I WAs Bursting into laughter Like I never Expected ..... "

Heres What people Wished Me and How ....
Charleen : gave a Great Big handshake And Wished me
Ravin ; Told Above
Savin : Give Old Savin a Big Hug and yea hahahahaa
Gurmeet : gave a Big smile and Said ....
Junyan : said above
Suba : was like a really soft one I could hardly hear but she wished anyway =)
Haziq : HappY birthday Boonoe
Sherlina : Just Wished happy birthday ....
Reena : Came Rushing to ME and I was LIke Woaahhh !!! hahah she wished me Thanks =)
Steffi : haha she sang A birthday song to Me XD

TOO every One thanks Alot and really Appreciate it and I came home
and Saw My cupboard saw a Quiksilver Plastic bag and this IS what I found
and My elder brother said happY birthDay hahah I waS Delighted !!!!And This is what ravin gave me !!! hahahaa love it man

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