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Monday, August 31, 2009

BIg thank YOu !!!

As I Promise The Photos here Are The Things That people gave me ....
And Im Guessing Giving Them back stuff At their birthdays Are Gonna Be Even Better XD

SHoes From ,Boon Aun Juyi ,Jeremy ,Sarah,John J C, Celine,Dorene
Thank You all man
Bottle FromMunyee,victoria,jeremy,Limin,Dhanya,Junyan,JeremyChew,Jiaying,Alicia
Thank You people ... I love it so much ~~~
Bracelet from CharLeenn XDBElt from The Same people who gave me the Bottle

All this Gives has been a Blessing For Me and trullY GOd Has bless Me Abundantlly As he has promise and I Praise God For This And I Also Wanna thank You guys for these things Which i think should not be Forgranted Thank You all And watch Out On your Birthday .... Something Big ??

ITs been a while >. ive been busy ..with some Stuff so Im Sorry guys ...
For the late post .... And my com crash so yea .... It Sucks , but its also a Good apportunity
to Study so yea ....

over the past holidays Was Awesome ..
But Sure gonna miss it ,,,,
and Thanks to you guys you people made it awesomely rocked ...
and I ve received many presents ,,, i cant put the pics now cause im
using my brothers old LT ..so yea ...
not just the presents ... but The going out and Surprises they just
helps me to think that im not alone in this world ... thanks guy and I really thank GOd for You
people ...


It was Awesome I miss those people they came all the way I mean
wow Praise the lord .... I talk to this really cool dude .... his name was lance ....
haha dezil and I thought him how to play the bass guitar so its like i asked him Hows your progress and he said not so okay ... Im like GEt an acoustic guitar just to practice ....
I can really see God Moving through their lives and making them More joyful as never before Amen !!

COmes to an End ,...

Well holidays Are over ... So wish you all happy studying and those taking SPMs ... all the Best in the trials ..., And Ive gotta Start working hard already ...
may God be with us all and
YEa just to tell you im sick for the moment now .... I have a Flu ... so yea try to like stay away from me you might get infected XD .... Ill be wearing a mask so dont Worry ...
till then cHOw See you guys <,,! !!! boOonHOe -

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