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Monday, July 6, 2009

SONg OF The CEntury ....

HEY PEople =)
sorry for a day late of Post updates ..
was too tired cause Of ...

yea Ill just tell Friday saturday and SUnday Cause Alot happened on THAT DAY !!!
so fasten your seatbelts and here we Go .... ( LAME )


so People guess what gurmeet found a New cool hang out thing to do it was
just there its just that we never notice till Gurmeet Found out it was haha ,... was ( cycling ) it was kinda cool actually but our first time totally not cool ill tell you about it after this so here are the people who went .... Xp
staring : Gurmeet ,Ravin,Junyan,Savin,Renna Menon,Subashini,and the kaki ponteng people ... ( priya and Wah yee lyn ...then SUganya And Steffi .... And Finnally the Coolest dude >..BOonHoe Of Course ,,,... right kidding .... hahaha anyway .... yea thats all the people who went and heres what haziq says .... ( "everytime I go less people are there but when I dont everyone will be busy ")
so yea .... hahaha I kinda Pity Him sometimes ,.,,, anyway were going again this Tuesday so feel free to tell us if youre coming yea ... AWESOME !!! whoooohho

alright enough crap
Heres what happened ... I had to cycle from my house to section 5 was Sick man Like Up the hill
then I waited at steffis house and GurmEET said 4 SHARP and turn out not to be there ... =-=
anyway we cycled and trying to get all those people was freaking hard ....
Steffi and Ravin went to get alyssa's bIKE didnt had enough bike so Junyan , gurmeet and I were cycling to Reenas house .. to get savin ,,, and we met up already and then just found out that We lost Ravin and gurmeet and Savin were dead ahead while
Junyan and I were like cycling to section 2 =-= freaking FAR DUHHH !!! Just TO FIND The ravin who was lost in action ... and then Suba <3 called me and told me that Ravin was back in reenas house and so junyan And I were like AAAWWW man !!!! that sucks man ....
anyway we had alot Of fun man and heres some of the photos ...
and We went up the HIll how Awesome was that ... hahah
I guess iF i Go on some more youll just shut this screen right so yea ill End here =)
see ya Have a great week ahead XDTHATS ME POsiNG


And SOrry priya For stealinG yOUr pHotos Hahahah =)
didnt had a camera .... thanks BTW

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