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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ignorance . . .

Well Guys looks like its the new Post again ... me sitting here comfortabally just writing about the week Ive been trough and experience that happened to me ... so .....


Yea The title Ignorance I think gotta Do with Paramores new single totally Awesome man
I use to like dislike Paramore when i was Young dont know why cause my friend said they were satanic =-= and I acctually believed i cant tell who said that But they are actually christians And they make awesome Music .... should Go listen if youre a big fan of Rock ....
anyway I dont really understand the lyrics But i think it says ''you treat me just like another stranger well it's nice to meet you sir '' i think its trying to say you treat me like a friend when you need me if not you just feel that im a stranger to you ... i guess im crapping anyway ...
Y.E and yea Got scolded and advised for like three Times a Row iN a Day i mean wads the worse that could happen a debate ?? was emo and all but who cares Life Goes on ...
anyway we manage to make just enough to sell man like 40 Trble cleft keychains ... haha
and I dont know how many we sold ... but wE were so happy man cause Our good friend ravin and I thought that they looked cheap and other peoples design were so much better ....
but it turnned out to sell awesomelly man !@!!! Gurmeet and I punched The Air .,,.. happyly we went Making money izzint easy man Like There was this Guy Ravin and I Asked him 'Hey Sir were From y.E enterprise selling these products'' ... and the guy cut in and started laughing like ''Ha Ha HA '' and Ravin and I was like weirdo !! Hahaha sometimes i wonder How people can react that way >???

The Difference Of people ...

After The sales Savin invited me to a party and ill just summarize the whole thing
ermmm ...
-walked from Section 5 to home ,with friends
-took a bath at home
-cycled to willawangsamas ..
-waited for ravin
-took a cab to Setiawangsa Jusco
- Met IzattI
-ate KfC Like MAd crazy cost 100 bucks .
cause like 9 people went
-went karaoke and Gone crazy ... like madness along with suthasan ,ravin
Junyan ,Savin Jwalita , Izatti ,Megat,Gurmeet and I
-the Bill was 88 bucks
- Got T shirts which was totally awesome ...
yea had a great day and she said this was the first time shes going out with friends and Im like
I thought ... whats The use You have all The money and No Friends ... and yea ...

RasiCm ?'' or is It culTURe ??

I was coming home from Dinner From PJ yes thats Right Petaling Jaya ...
my family love food anyway ... i was at the traffic light in the car Just beside us were a Maly family ... and to me was like just feel like waving so i waved at them along with my brothers and the kids were so shy but the eventually waved back and another tought came to my mind

''Why cant We people just dont care wad race are we wad culture we believe In Just put that Aside for a while and think that we human beaings Should just be loving and care for others no matter Who or what you are doesnt matter what Rank and stuff ... ''

and thats what I said to my dad and my dad was like ..
its because of these Malay ,Chinese , Indian , schools which brought us apart ... and I was like man !! so true ....

Till then thats all From Me ... Got nothing in my Mind right now
Till then Chowzz see you guys

bOOnhoe - have a great week Ahead =)

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