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Sunday, July 19, 2009

nEver STop Trying

hEy pEople .>!> !!!
blogging agaiN! !!

Anyway Heres some Stuff that i think that you should know
hahah Friday .. y.E sales ... wow sick man
freaking tiring ... not only that we did morning and afternoon session ..
so kinda have to stay back ...
and Our sales manager was SubA( like totally awesome sales manager )
hahah yea we did quite well
i guess anyway ...
after the sales ....savin said hey man lets go biking and so did gurmeet when first
then im like alright alright
so we wanted to race Gurmeet to
Savins house so we went and of course we won by taking a cab
we went cycling and i cycled with ravin and savin and gurmeet and then we cycled to reenas house and i was like freaking tired man !! like owh my goodnees and i was riding a normal bbike like a little bike without gears ...and it was seriouslly small the more you pedal the slower it gets and but all in all such fats in my body was burn ...Then the next day i went skateboarding fell down ... while doing the olllie ... I think we should just keep doing ollie before you get ready for the kickflip so what im doing now is Im just gonna do ollie evertime till im Good at It so wish me luck guys !!!
Birthday WISHES !!

WAnna wish Happy Belated birthday To JoHn james Chew !!
and My Mom ( connie Siow ) happY birthday Mom ...
okay For John we did a surprise pardy at Celines house ... which was Johns Ahem #
and yea John sort of found out that it was kind of a party but it was totally awesome ... so cool
and at night on the same Day I celebrated my moms birthday ... In pavilion KL and Ate Yo! Sushi .... yea it was good and Saw an awesome Fountain which someone called me Lopek !!
and told me that ive never seen a fountain b4 =-=
hahaha anyway ... it was so damn cool man like the water keeps getting higher and higher and with lights and all ,..... and yea wanna wish savin and ravins Mom happy birthday aunty !!! ( Belated ) ..... And Savin please begging you not to mess with her ... please just do this for me ...


Was Super awesome ... was in samuels car and my brother was driving and we couldnt decide
where to have lunch so while driving .... we were like yelling to each other like
: Where To GO !!! ??/
and samuel was like : JUSCO !!!
And then while the lights turned green ...
i was like WHERE TO EAT >??? !!!!
and was soo hilarious !! man and the guy behind was honking all the way man !! haha
so we went jusco ate some seriouslly messed up nasi lemak and then off to the arcade ...
mark and I was owning in time crisis 2 was so awesome ... and Yea till then thats all for today i gues
more updates soon !!!

bOoN Hoe .....

AnD And My GosH !!!

so exciting !!!! what is it >>???

Its SWITCHFOOT NEW ALBUM !!!! my Gosh totally cool Dudess
Cant wait man coming out in October !! just cant wait man I heart Switchfoot so Much
since i was a Little boy ..

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