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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too My ......

Hey People .. =)

Holidays had been up lately and I have another week
to spend on and Im officially broke .. so cant go out that much .... anyway
much has been said and Done and things have been Updated like the mission trip
had a lot of practices ... mostly proper Good Job ... Praise the Lord =)


CrazaY night I can say .. haha No idea wad got into us anyway
we were told to have free onlining and gaming in The cyber cafe near my hometown
so i went the in the evening and surprisingly not many people were there so I played call of duty 4 such awesome game till my leg excidentaly Kicked the power supplied when i got shot virtually in the game and yea the whole comp shut off and im like wow !!!
hahah so i gave up and Got home called John wanted to go second round to CC
and this time the CC was packed so
were like lets go play basketball along with Boon aun , John , Mark ,And I Juyi was there too
but after we found out that the CC was packed so she went home after that =)
and yea we didnt know where to went so we were at Jeremy chews house haha
but he gotta go fetch someone back home so we hanged out at the bball court at 10.30PM !!!
and after finished playing we went Jeremys house and drove him to get a drink talked like crazy alot hahah
and then decided to go a Cyber cafe and yea again playing left 4 dead and CS
and Yea today was tiring .... but its my first time ever to jump of and amp with my guitar haha totally awesome =) haha was jamming like mad man ahahah
aight till then see you guys .. =)


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