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Monday, June 15, 2009


OnE WORD ....

AWesome .......
It was Stupendous And I thank Pastor and my parents for letting me
have the great experience to Go .

Was Awesome especially my room mates.. Justin,Jeremy,Hao yi, jonathan foong ,Johnathan teoh,benjamin and I hahah we all slept in the hall jammed pack the whole hall haha
cause the aircond was strong and our rooms one werent working .. so yea .... .
totally cool man hahah we went there reached the hotel and guess wad we found ...
We had Some blood stain on the sheets and God that place creeps me out
we had like during we entered the lift Justin And I heard like a woman
laughing sound was Scared man hahaha
but over all everything went as planned =)
thank God and
During the first night the coffee house night i Almost trashed my guitar
hahah nearly touched the ground ...
and During the Mission .. we had to teach bass ... and I know Nothing about bass man
hahah all of it was left for jeremy and denzil to teach hahah

I think thats my hands Not sure .. lol

they were pros man hahaha ...
and For my first time playing drums with John J C
was so cool never had experience that haha but It was TIRING ..!!!!
And we had TO go and straight landed and quickly set up the sound system and
then when we go Home un set and set it in the nex Gen building hahah
got home like 10.pm ??
yea was kinda late ... and again set up drum set and everything
and then got home slept like a baby ...

Jeremy and I posing ...
well back to school now
=( missed that place so much ...
anyways gotta go GOd bless =)


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