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Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Regard To Myself

I stole the Title from the band Underoath ... got no Ideas
for the past few days ....

YE again
here we Go Really pity Ravin Cause he Got a Rose thrown From
Puan Lim .... and it was Gurmeets Idea anyway so yea cant do anything about it
Alex told me To Buck up whatever i have in mind and just show puan lim what I got
she would just think that were In Y.E For fun ...
so Next tuesday is our only chance ... cause our asses are on The line
For now at least we Got something to Improvise on ...

HOlidays ...
Was really Fun But feeling guilty cause everyday
im like day in and out with fun ... like Monday the bbq pardy ...
tuesday , was Y.E meeting then tuition yea pretty busy week I guess ...
but really fun Wednesday was Swimming really had alot of fun ....
Thursday was In TImes Square i think i never wanna go that place again not my
favorite place to Go maybe pavilion would be better ... anyway
Friday I got Jamming session with psydonemous Did I spell that correctlly ??
if I did Sorry Guys anyway ... Hope To see you all next time till then
see ya =)


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