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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backlane Of The Road Not Taken


Hey Guys heres Me and My brand New post hope you guys
Still continue to read my blog cause
For the past few weeks there has been happenings and more happenings so
did not had the mood to write anyway so here are the Things =)
And Juyi Please get well soon Alright =)

After The Tragic Examination

Straight went Cyber ... haha influenced my
fellow friends to play left 4 dead cause its so awesome man hahah owh
how they Come running where you just get all that stress out of your head man yea
.... anyways still cant beat Gurmeet In Jenarals But can Kick his ass In Call OF duty hahah Xp
after that was caught in the pouring rain which came on us ....
hahah with our maggi cups and like running with Savin and gurmeet pretty cool
had rain water all over our body was seriouslly wet

After that ... haha The next day we went skateboarding at
hahah metropolitan ( almost wrote mesopotamia) too much history ...
anyway skate alot man haha the whole time I had like a continous breathing
no Idea why ... like blood rushing trough my veins ... must have been the adraneline ...
anyway did so ollies Still couldnt land the KICKFLIP so frusfrating ....
And took lots of photos ,;.. and here are they ...at the bottom anywayz when we were walking like the direction home I was like trying to skip the turnings and Go straight to the short cut with lead us to God knows where ?? so we climb the gate and it Got us like straight dead ahead man
like i cant see anything and I tought i was like MOM DAD I love you all ... trying to say my last words hahah in my head then we just kept walking and walking will we reached a junction which i tought we had to cross the train Railway man i totally freaked out we were like wad On earth are we gonna do So LOST that day haha a few Of us went and all of them were , Gurmeet , Haziq,Savin,Charleeeeeenn , Yee lyn , AND ME =)
so yea we Finnally found a cab both in two cars ....
so we Got 6 plp so 3 on 3 yea Got Home really tired ...

AND guys I found this Guitar In The Guitar store was looks beautiful izzint it ??
Planning to get It like when I Have the money That is when GOd knows when ....
so pray For me alright =)

Epiphone les paul black beauty

Alright guys gtg SEe ya nex week on More Blog updates =)
till then God bless

bOoN hOe
(Rock On )

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