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Monday, May 11, 2009

Flicker Of HOPE

Me gettin really bored Of school

Hey there Sorry for those people who read my blog
was late to update ... cause of tiredness ... anyway
here is what happened during the week ....

On Thursday brought my camera to school cause of Some
Moral Project I have to Do and My friends and i took some pictures
so called cleaning up the class
heres some Pictures sMe sweeping the floor ,daniel arranging the tables and TEh cleaning the whiteboard
Jwalita arranging the newspaper

And On the same day Jwalita brought some Food
spaghetti and a chocolate cake ... both scrumptious as ever
Both awesome man but unfortunately i had only a little
but who cares im on diet anyway hahah
so here are the people who enjoyed the food too bad for you Yvonne
you werent there missed the fun XpI know people please one at the time Guys ... haha Look at SaVin Ravin Getting ready with the fork ...must be really proud of her Mars ... and Steffi enjoying the food and what Is saVins face doing there
haha Priya cutting the cake yea As i was saying people really love Food ...
And On the same day i went tuition to Kasturi I went so on the
way I took some pictures too hahah Just love The evening sun
For me Its the Best time To skate ... with such windy atmosphere
anyway Its getting really hot nowadays so im like almost everyday ill be turning on the aircondition ....when I go to sleep ...
So yea Guys sorry to say But thats all Gotta study ...
Mid Term cant wait till its over man
and Ive Found a NEw Guitar effects I think its Gonna be Awesome
1200 bucks planning to Buy ...

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