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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cradle of love

Hey Yea Its me back again
blogging ... here's what happened during the week ...
oN Monday ... nothing much happen schooling as always ..
Tuesday same schooling then tution .....
wednesday nothing much ...
Thursday yea

KBU Y.E. Trip ...

On Thursday .... so On the way to the bus hahah so hilarious we were doin nonsensical
things like simply waving to people unknowingly to them they were like
speechless man hahaha look on their face was priceless ,... anyway some people sang songs all the way you can check the video at my facebook simply silly
anyway was fooling around ....
Really Had so much of Fun
Thanks To Fed Ex For sponsoring us For that trip to pay nothing
but gain lots , Thanks To our school for giving us the opportunity
to learn about the corporate world about selling and buying that we could apply
to our Y.E enterprise and at the same time Had lots Of Food man like
went there breakfast and not a light one .... with noodles
then a few minutes later lunch came .... and we were like what the full man
then was listening to a woman who laughed really
hilarious and kinda weird hahaha like a witch stuffing us with food
anyway she speak words of wisdom to us about business in the
corporate world and yea stuff like that many cute Girls were there too
wanted to get their number along with Junyan and ravin Owh well
unfortunately didnt happen ....
anyway a terrible thing happen ....
they gave us Food again at the end of the session I was too full to have it
. so it was photoshoot and suppose to take a picture in there and ravin and I was
rushing to the front blocking everyone haha couldnt imagine how would they feel hahaha
then something even better happened ... Ravin and Amir Hakim acctualy propose to a
Guy where some people think he was Hot ...
and the guy was like embarased and kinda pist i think anyway ...
puan Lim Our teacher was really disapointed with all of us cause of our behaviour
she nearlly passed out ...
and so end of the day turned out to be a saddening day that we did not get to go 1 Utama sad ..
its was like so near yet so far ... that we had to call our parents to speak to the teachers but it was too late then anyway had Lots of Fun !!!

Friday .... Labour day so much for labour ....
I went Skatting at Metropolitan along with
Charleen , Gurmeet and Daniel
and this time i fell badlly man like ripped my jeans haha
went down a slope once landed put too much weight on the front and then BooM!!
there I go hahaha but it was really funny tough haha
I still have the wound tough .......
wanna see ?? =)
anyway walked alot too the shoplot which was like SUPER far From The skate park
man like sweating and finally came to a Shop and I bought DRINKs man wohho was like heaven to me ... so went home and yea ...
and then and then painted my old skateboard on that day all white now man
look awesome !!

ANd SUNDAy you know Ill always blog ON SUNDAYS ...

SO Church as As usuall came like 15 minutes late
and after Church went to Times square for Jeremys friends birthday
and yea its the JEremy chew nothing else followed johns Car again haha
and was there for an hour went places like Converse addictive hahaha
anyway ... after that fetch Celine yes John Gf ...
to balley dance class went the wrong way haha hilarious ut not For john
anyway while she was having balley practice ....
John and I were playing Left 4 dead again haahaha most awesome game man hahaha
also addictive ... then came back ....
and Yea my elder brothers birthday on 5 may wohhho haha
so dont Forget to wish him ....
so yea see you all living on with life

....... bOoNhOe

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