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Sunday, April 26, 2009

calling of redemption

alright got no idea about the tittle just for fun
sounds cool , now there are a few things that happened during the week
such as .... first was in charge of Talentime and was really running up and down
class to class with my fellow mates
ravin , savin , Junyan , David . It was exam week and our exam finished
after three days which is the first three days of the week
then thursday .... wait not so fast had to tell you guys that i was punished for
skipping class not because i want too but because of the Talent time and battle of the Bands
and the singging competition which had to Go tell everyone that its Gonna be on
next Monday ....
then the next day came to school was thursday
came got our punisment which was to write some shitty magazine about
preparations of exam dont wanna talk about it but had to rewrite the article which was freaggin
long and my hands were aching like shit ...
then thursday everything was such a last minute and so stressfull cause we had to
anounce averything so we split into two groups and my group had to check the sound system and stuff the other which was junyan had to do class to class telling them thats Its Gonna be on SATURDAY and our band had not benn practising and the song were Gonna play is Welcome To The Black Parade and its Hard trust me never again ill perform that song said me to Savin .

Us practicing really hard
so scared to
Screw Up

So it was Saturday and The batlle of The bands And Yea SO Sweet
came like 7.00am
saw alot of people ... it was cool and then I
just found out had to host the whole thing and i was like
seriouslly you kidding me ??
anyway had to tell the bands when to come up and stuff then I myself had to
play for 3 bands ... again running up and down like an ass
and had to go help the bands sound check and things like that really tiring
hahaha and a few people was there Thank you you all For your support people like
Leanna , Gurmeet , Sherlina, thaluja, most importantly STEFFI, My Brother,Daniel,Kylie,Juyi,did I miss out anyone please inform me =) and people like that thanks alot guys
without you we wouldnt be 2nd
anyway guess who Got first ....
the closest i had hahah My brother .. awesome man
but i mean he was seriouslly awesome in leading the people so cool
the way he does it no idea but its cool he did Dont look back in Anger by Oasis
and ourBlack parade didnt really turned out right screwed up the Solo part of the scale ...
savin,kylie, daniel,edwin and I playing secret ValentineJuNyan our lead Vocals ME lookin like Proposing but actually adjusting the microphone stand

IU day

It was intresting i guess the way they put Indian and USA
culture together and comparision between them it was really cool
but unfortunetlly i came late cause of the Battle of the bands
and yea missed alot of stuff ,...
i only got to watched a Dance from them
hhhmm Fasion show was great and met some church friends after that
and after The IU day went for B ball instead of going to KLCC which justin was asking me to go even i suggested but for me i cant ....... so i went Bball and yea with my formal necktie and black
shirt along with benjamin and JOHN wand my brother ...
then we went to Johns House after that played guitar hero like an ass madness the whole 4 hours
playing Ps along with mark hahaha damn funny did stupid things in san andreas
hahahaha lol ...
anyway had some sandwiches then sirap sandwiches and then sirap again
then Johns mom came back with some sate totally scumptious delicious man
ate alot
then my mom was bugging me to come home cause she cooked already so i came home
but i was so full that i couldnt walk and yea i ate again telling my mom that i was hungry without telling her that i just had a whole lot of food ....
anyway the next day
SUnday was playing For Kings kids sunday school
and sing at the third service scwred up and had mc donalds after that
with friends and was fun haha i ate extra cause there was people who havent take their food buti think juyi just take it and left it on our table thinking that it was ours and wanted to go KLCC again but didnt turned up that my mom called AGAIN telling me not to loiter around and so i
listenend and came back and slept cause i was dead tired and here i am blogging about it .... so
yea Thats aBOUt IT FOR toDAY things That happened haha ... till Then See you Guys Bye
all the best in life !! God bless

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