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Monday, April 6, 2009

ThE NeW wEeK

hey Guys finnaly got time to blog again ....
this week as usual tiredness of tuition threee days a w
eek Trough and fro
LRt OR Taxi Always alone damn sad man ....

anyways was iN school Y.E Youth something im not so sure ....
and we have to like do selling
and stuff like that so i had to get interviews on out product to
get their feedback so i was like giving out forms to fill
one by one each class an
d the response was like hahaha ..... plain quietness but
some were quite sporting .... and at the same time I had to get peoples name fo
r the TALEnTime
thing which my school is having s
o yea pretty busy ... and normally weekends was suppose to be like RELAX and SLeep But I had to go to School Again so im like wad THe !!!
and yea had to sell stuff and wad Y.E again so
Guess what ??
i DIdnt go so early in the morning i Felt so Guilty and SUba Told me that I was fired
So im like Freaking out ya know .... hahahahaha
=-= anyway so i was like who cares then the nex
t day was Awesome ..... and OWh yea Bought a NEW DECK damn awesome cost me 65 bucks HArd BRoken man ...but worth it tough

SUNDAY 5 April ...2009 ...

Okay was damn Busy ... FIrST ....
NExgen had to wake up like 7.30 in the morning then got ready
went to Nex Gen was serving on that day ... was so sleepy
then had Dance Practice ....12.00 am too 1.00 pm dancing for Kings KIds haha
really sucked was so stiff ...
then went Mid Valley to celebrate Justins Birthday 1.30pm to Evening watched movie ate at FOod Court went GS ... awesome saw one guitar there Totally awesome
haha and Charles Justin and I DId Something really stupid ....
shouldnt tell you guys hahahahaha LMAO
anyway ... went home after that I really thank JOHN For always fetching me haha awesome ..
Then Went to nadeems Bday Party was a surprise party but i think he sort of knew already ...
and came back like 1.00am was Damn tired couldnt resist the rest and such freshness of the bath cant wait to get home and yea thats It for you all folks hope you enjoy the coming week see ya =)
Till then ... BOONHOE

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  1. YOU have a blog? haha awesome
    oh cool board :D
    and wait, YOU dance?? this i've gotta seee :D