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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coolest family On earth

HEy Its Been another week as you know hahaha
so fast Time passes like WHOOO

anyway Alot of people asked me this week why didnt i update my blog
so i said I thought was suppose to be weeklly

So talking about going out and stuff I seriouslly hate going out by planning
and just what time should be there and what time should we be home and and eat and BLAH BLAH
BLAH !!!
so I love Going out by just like ' Okay lets go eat then so and so ' love that line so awesome
ya know people just Go and For crying out loud Just do IT !!! and talking about spontaneous
last Today i was at Church at 7.45 woke up and Had dance practice awesome
and really was a great exp and have to do all the moves and stuff ThankS ALOT JEREMY for getting me in and never letting me back of and although i might think im not a dancer but thanks for the encouragement =) and all my fellow dance mates thanks =) It was so great that the kids and teacher enjoyed it I totally praise God for IT

Heres the fun part
so fasten youre seatbelts and get ready
okay here we Go ....

After the dance we were like so exsausted and stuff so my friends and i Got back to the ball
room where all the main adults are then we decided to have lunch
at a restorant near my house
then we decided to Go to MId valley which my MOm had been craving for DAYS !! anyway
my Brother also wanted to go to IKEA as You all know IKEA Is a place of sweedish so called 'Trash'
in sweeden so im like what the and We Malaysians LOVE iT ???
anyway we went to MIdValley and Bought Nothing but it was really tiring walked ALOT !!
then Off to IKEA And owh yea I went with my two elder brothers and my brothers Girlfriends ...
hahah i felt so left out at that point anyway hahaha it was awesomelly FuN!!!
and we Got to IKEA and so Great and sat at the COuch and was Great and we just started walking trough hahah but we got trough it anyway Another LONG WALK
and Got like Nothing and we were SO tired at that point couldnt walk anymore and Juyi and my mom had a headache and yea
so we went off so sleppy and we slept in the car all OF Us were like mouth open and sleeping and except my both brothers one driving and the other No idea ( was sleeping )
then my mom decided to have dinner cause we reached home at 6.30 PM and yea had Dinner and Met some friends met eujin haha the Shorty ... so we ate at The famous Fish HEad Curry at
Sri rampai and was awesome and in between 15 minutes and 6 of us Finished everything like never before was SO Full !!! dangg hahaha then it was 7.00 pm already just as we finished

then Guess what My Mom wanted to Go to PAVILION !
and Im like OWh yea MAN !! thats the way !!!
was so excited
just to buy JCO Donuts To tell you the truth my family does anything FOR FOOD !!!
to bad i dont have any pics to show ya ....

had A seriouss Fun time man i wished i caould do that with every friend i knew
so awesome such a realease of hard days of tution and studying
and great FUn !!!

and alright BacK TO life in school again and sad =( anyway thanks For all those who actually read my Blog Love you guys =)

bOoN hO E .....

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