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Friday, March 27, 2009

Things that happened during the weeks ....

Hey people kinda new into this so you can call me noob and stuff
i don't care hahaha firstly I would like to say how did I even started this Blog
thing and a few friends of my gave me some inspiration and yea i kinda fell for It
and started doing this blog thing cause i kinda got bored of Facebook but its still nice

alright i would like to introduce my self first...

alright .... where Do I start ....


Okay in August 20th 1993 a baby was born

and it was a He and his parents decided to name him

since the two other brothers were named Kee Aun and Boon Aun

i kinda Think they wanted to match with Boon Hoe so yea ... they named him

Boonhoe Thank God for that =)

well this little baby was chubby and fat

started out and skip to the point don't wanna Drag my whole life in it so

here it starts ......


While Here I am blogging about my self I felt that i needed to tell
what i have experienced through life and stuff like that so Ill began with age
Im 15 Going on 16 this year just a few more months to my birthday
Time passes very fast within Years Months days minutes second every second of my life counts and some of them have been trough a whole lot of things ....
oh well ive missed a lot of exciting things in my life that i did not blog about so this is where i start ...

ive watched my life past by one minute a little boy playing some
toy soldiers another minute a teenage guy head bangging to the music
hahaha still can remmember those days
when i used to beg for worthless stuff that i wasted ... well life experience is about mistakes you have done and learn From it ... thats part and parcel of life
Gotta face It .... so i started to get demanding on stuff was like a spoilt brad since
i was like the last kid in the family
hahaha everyone says that .... but the difference is the youngest always gets
what they want ...... hahaha so back to my life
i was so selfish and have no idea to think about other peoples Rights and privacy
and yea thanks to GOD Who helped me in my life He change me and mold me trough tears and joy ......
to be a better person im glad to know God
and also my elder Brother such a brilliant brother i look up entirelly into him
who had tought me a lot of things and at the same time a Funny Guy and also my second brother without him there would be humourous in my life seriouslly really thank full for them
and also my Parents So happy to know them
hahah (Gonna cry now .....) Kidding
soooo ..........till now ......

Bh about Me ......

first things first i love Jesus He loved me In so
many ways that i cant imagine

secondlly my Family
people might leave you always but your family and God will
always be with you trough any circumstances ....

Thirdly my friends

Awesome peolpe People Who give
moral support and help me in so many stuff
in school Church Thanks everyone......

I love music .... Rock , punk all sorts

I love skating .... its just so awesome ....

and owh yea my wishlist ....
  1. an Element Deck From Billabong ..
  2. an Ipod
  3. a Dog
  4. Go to australia
    yea gotta try
  6. skydiving
  7. a gibson les paul
  8. A Black Falcon gretsch hahah
    and more to come .....
Alright i Guess thats it for now more updates on
my blog soon see ya =)

Boonhoe .....


  1. welcome to the blogging world! haha :)


  2. Ello! ^~^ Nice blog! :p Welcome to the blogosphere..hehe XP

  3. What if you got an Element deck that's not from Billabong? ;D

  4. hello!!!! and welcome... awesome skateboard....