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Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 April 2009

As you all know every Sunday ill try to at least Blog about something
so heres one another One ...

Alright things at this time things are getting so much better =)
................. and better .. and better ....

whats up with this world man like
i mean here it Goes school shit again
The headmistress Decided to put our
mid year examination so freaking near to our
monthly test hate it man and i have not even study
im like so Gonna fail ... all i can Do now is ask GOD and pray
for the best all section 5 plp out there we will get trough this together some how ...
anyway enough pissing off with my school ...
at least i have the weekends to chill me up =)
and with GOd Word ...
that day when pastor preached, it really touch my heart
like it seems that the media is seriously taking over the major world
society based on social , finance , economic and stuff really sad To see
so many people can get SO much information but yet WHATS THE USE ????
I dont know about you guys but seriously sometimes too much information can
leave a mark at ya so be carefull ... it might look Good but once you get hold of it itll be like what the bible says harmfull things can come in pretty packages ....
and theres this part of the vid i saw and all nex gen people will know it ...
theres this Google thingy that everybody uses and there are like Billions of searchers everyday And soon they were even thinking of putting a certian program which is the same function as google and get it into sa human brain and i was like stunned at that moment
its like , the worlds calling' help look at what this people have become ' saddening yet intresting
so yea thats all about it today and owh yea
IU day coming up haha my first IU day before that wanted to attend the one in sri garden but i
finnaly get to Go for this one haha so excited ...
alright GTG see ya soon
and GOD BLESS =)

..... bOoNhOe

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