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Monday, September 13, 2010

move forward ....

HEading out to Seremban on tuesday .. and will be back on wednesday
For my cousins wedding .
and time is moving really really fast i shall say .
that someday were all gonna get married .

ya know its cool to know that God has already set a plan for us.
I mean like even before we came out to the earth he has set everything for us .
He knows our future ,what we gonna do in life , how many times weve cried ,
how many souls well save, and everything out thoughts our reactions ,
He loves us so much till he literally knows everything about us ....

I feel that racism is one of the things that we should not
really take it seriously . cause after all were all just " humans "

and should we really care about skin color ??
sometimes i wonder .. why did skin color even existed ..
i mean why cant we all have the same color ?? XP

maybe cause of our encestors ?
or our late family that causes us our skin color ...
im not racist but its kinda the fact ..


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