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Monday, September 20, 2010

crawl till we can walk again

sometimes it feels like a punch right at your face ..

These two weeks had seriously thought me so much ..
really like the feeling of gaining rather much knowledge and losing it all in 2 weeks .

i really felt ashamed and knowing that you would have to start from scratch .
and but anyway .. quote

when you fall , keep calm and carry on -unknown

( it really seems that suddenly everything changes )

i wish i could really turn back time and not repeat the mistakes ive done.
sometimes i really feel like walking away from my mistakes that sometimes .
i cant run anymore .thats when God comes in and safe our souls .
no matter how many times you sin against him , how many times you screw up stuff ,
how many things that you think that you shouldn"t do but you still do ?
God still LOves all of you including you reading this and me =)

till then =)


just wanna wish her a HAPPY 18 birthday to ya sista !!!
seriously one of the person that brightens up every body's day ,
and shes one of those people who actually supports you when youre down or youre in hype
plus a person who eats like freaking ALOT LOL ,!! its such a blessing to h
ave a friend like that !
seriously sporting and laughs like hell ..
okay think ive said enough ! happy birthday again
boonhoe -

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