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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Start For a Final End ....

Its 2010

Wow ..... i didnt realize that school was gonna start on monday =(
i kinda find it really hard to like you know get used to school and holiday life its like a total mood swing ... but it would be fun i hope next year .... last year
i guess ill sum it all up changes changes changes .... love , courage, independent , priorities , new music , new goals, new subs to study , basketball team , new mp3 player , new phone , started blogging , y.e ( it was an awesome experience !!!! ) , couple of heartbreaks , admirers and admires other plp , experience experience ... etc etc etc

well that sums it all up =) it was CCCraaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyy And I really thank God that im alive right now ... after all the shit ive been through ... god has really help me through all the crap if not ill be right here still regretting and ive met new people awesome plp .... and some bad plp , crazy ass people but awesome hahaha !!!
and just hope my studies would be better for the next year ..

1. Goals : score at least 3 As for my first exam

2. dream: To work in TGI fridays at the end of the year and get an Epiphone les paul
plus guitar effects i mean by Boss ME 70

3. hope : not to get NS cause that would ruin my number 2

4. to score : at least 6 As for my SPM I can see it coming man ....

5. Improve : more in variations of guitar

6. Serve : in my new church building for more people to come in our youth services ....

7. Meet : paramore Live

8 go : to boyslikegirls concert I think ....

9. to: be a Decent man

and finally : To live in God grace for now and evermore

well i guess thats whats gonna happen its just that The Spm thinggy is really bothering me ...
but its my future and if i dont do well i think ill just collect rubbish or what ...
but i believe God has a plan for me and i just gotta work hard and try my very best =) till then will see how things goes this year and let the new year began ( takes a deep breath )
Goodbye for now see ya =) happy new year

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