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Sunday, October 17, 2010

come set me free ..

I've got my back against the wall
But I can still hear the blue sky call
The chains that hold me back inside
Are the prisons of my mind, yeah

Free, come set me free, down on my knees
I still believe you can save me from me
Come set me free, come set me free
Inside this shell there's a prison cell
Inside this shell there's a prison cell

I try to live the light of day
Why would I do what I hate?
But when try to reach above
I only I hurt the ones I love, yeah

this weeks lesson in church has really open my eyes That
i should start living the life that God has been wanting me to
i really think its time to live life the fullest but also inclined with the word of God ...

That the word of god says that man shall not live by bread alone but by every words which comes from the word of God ..

not just saying but youll see ..
action speaks louder than words ....Ill have to keep reminding myself
that im never alone !

Oh Lord let me be sensitive towards you ..

I still have a WAr to fight ..
And im Not giving up now .... Not now .

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