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Friday, April 9, 2010


The TWO JOKES XP but awesome PLP
OWh my bottle was once lost but not its FOUND !!!
i was so relieved ...... THANKS to CHARLEEn for reminding me =)

me imitating Justea XP

I cant believe SAVins camera Shy ......

The Battle Of The Bands 2010

Well I can say this years BTOTB wasn't as bad as last year and
this year was more systematic cause of all the rules and regulations we put together and worked our asses off ... it was really a huge burden being lifted up from our shoulders as we
finished it ....
well Just so you know ... ground zero Got second place im happy but i really dont think we deserved it ...
cause we really screwed up a song ..
but anyway it was so awesome singing ... i never thought singing would be fun XP ...
but the rest of the bands were okay ...
BUT first of all THANKS To All THe people WHo supported US ....
I heart all of you .
ANd also Daniel Lim for bringing the Drum set plus your guitar .. really Thanks dude ... I owe you so much

WE just wanna Be home .....

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Ive been up and down lately busy with exams and so caught up with everything basically ....
and i kinda miss staying at home doing nothing and these few day i sort of ignored lots of plp ..
not on purpose its because i dont have time .. i wish i had it I think this year is moving to fast ??
Its already what ?? the Forth Month ??? and im still so caught up with band performances and more shows .... i hope this will be the last month i join this stuff and then im gonna concentrate on my studies .... i come to think of it that Studying really helps us to build our character in many perspective . I really wanna do well for the next coming test im gonna Aim for 4 A's first and then slowly ,.... ANd knowing that God will be there for me ... i am so thankful to have him as my guide and redeemer ....

LLit NeHt Ees u syug (=
Eoh nooB -

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